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“Fletcher Shears stands atop his drum throne, staring down the crowd of young Orange County punks, while his twin Wyatt savagely strums his pale yellow bass guitar, and immediately the kids in Santa Ana’s Unit B Studio sense what they’ve gotten themselves into – a live experience from buzz-worthy punk act the Garden.” – Orange County Register

Fletcher’s drumming is the protruding backbone of The Garden. Cymbal heavy, nimble and rhythmically compelling, his gothic and snarly rhythms are menacing and dance invoking. In a genre not known for restraint in the percussion section, Fletcher provides a refreshing contrast to typical punk drumming and shows an unerring sense for when to pull back and provide respite and space for his lyrical twin before attacking anew. Fletcher’s performative style conjures images of a grinning skeleton pounding a pile of assorted bones, nightmarish yet oddly attractive.

Outside of The Garden, Fletcher’s side project PUZZLE is sweetly wistful electronica that barely masks macabre sarcasm.




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